A creative public relations campaign will find your target, grab attention and make them act.  Marketing trends change every day and so do the methods we use to keep you in the public eye.

We can creatively, consistently, and continually put your brand in front of the public, to achieve our common goal.  THAT GOAL IS YOUR SUCCESS.


Without a consistent identity, a company will find educating the public on their product difficult. We pull it all together to create a common theme in all your communications, (print, web, & multimedia) to position you, at the forefront of your prospective and current clientele.

Identity Development

We work to produce a strong identifying voice for your company, giving you brand recognition, and credibility with media sources.

Story Concept & Creation:

As seasoned veterans in the publishing and advertising industry, we understand what publishers and editors are looking for in regard to what they feel is newsworthy. We continually pitch ideas on behalf of clients and successfully author articles that get published.

Digital media:

We are web marketing experts with a 20+ year track record and have developed high-impact web sites with complex SEO, that make full use of email marketing, and linkbacks, which have successfully built Clients’ branding.

Tradeshow support:

We assist you in creating a tradeshow presentation that generates tremendous interest from passers by and causes them to act.

Speech writing:

Our award-winning speech writers analyze your target audience, and craft memorable messages that impact your audience.

Speaking engagements:

We identify compelling speech topics, proactively promote your speakers and coordinate speaking engagements with organizations that strategically meet your needs.

Celebrity endorsements:

We can arrange endorsements from many celebrities in various arenas, to promote your product while obtaining attention for themselves. This symbiosis promotes both your product and the celebrity, for a mutually beneficial relationship.

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The Harp Foundation – Phoenix Non Profit

8 page informational – Published in Phoenix area magazines

PR - The Harp Foundation - Published Article

Click Image To View On Issuu – The Harp Foundation

Childhelp – National Non Profit

5 page cover story for Discover the Phoenix Region Magazine

Childhelp - Published Cover Story

Click Image To View On Issuu – Childhelp

Rhonda Towns – Musician

3 page article + Cover – Published in Phoenix area magazines

PR - Rhonda Towns - Published Cover Story

Click Image To View On Issuu – Rhonda Towns

Erin O’Bryan – Musician

3 page article + Cover – Published in Northwest Woman Magazine

PR - Erin O'Bryan

Click Image To View On Issuu – Erin O’Bryan

The Honorable Debra Hayes – Spokane Political Campaign

2 page – Feature Article – What I Know – Published in Spokane Living Magazine

PR - Honorable Debra Hayes

Click Image To View On Issuu – Honorable Debra Hayes