Discover The Region – Website

Project Scope:

Discover The Region Publications required a web site that would offer it’s readers a completely interactive experience.

The site needed to feature the following:

  • A blog where their various authors could post articles.
  • A business directory for advertisers to display their service offerings and contact information.
  • A display system for past and current publications.
  • Connection to post pages to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other social media sites.
  • A subsciber listserv and listserv management system to keep it’s thousands of subscribers up to date and informed via email.
  • A frontpage that revolves current stories.
  • An adbanner rotation system to display it’s various advertisers.
  • RSS Feeds of the articles and pages in their site.
  • A Magazine Display Shelf to feature its various publications.

Built using LAMP, Java, & CSS.

What I Delivered:

Using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), CSS & java, I created a web site portal that accomplished everything Discover The Region was asking for.  The completed site features a full blogging system for the authors, & an advanced business directory for advertisers. The administrative side of the site features an email listserv management system that allows subscribers to be categorized by interest, location, and demographic, so appropriate offers and updates go to appropriate groups of subscribers. The site also features a dynamic display system for the homepage that manages story displays, incorporates rss feeds, & social media, so that users are continually presented with new content. Another important feature is the dynamic display of advertisements which rotates ads based on pre-determined campaign criteria. My work on this site has been instrumental in attracting a steady increase of internet, promoting the Discover The Region brand, developing new customer relationships and generating subscriber interest.

The complete website is available at


I have been designing web-sites for Discover the Region Publications since September 2008.  This project was performed in May of 2013, with the newest addition of the bookshelf display being made to the site in May 2014.