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Maritza Etienne

Responsive UI Design Principles allows optimal across various devices

Project: Responsive UI Re-Design of – The Booking, Information, and Marketing Website for Maritza Etienne of Sanity Salon and Got Roots.

Project Scope:

I have been providing for the web design and hosting needs of Maritza Etienne since 2010. As her web designer, she utilized my services once again for a request to re-design her current web-site which was last re-built when she signed up with me in 2010. She needed a site that worked across multiple devices and presented her work in a manner that leaves her competitors trying to compete with her. The project began in August 2014 and went live on August 11th.

What I Delivered:

Utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), I have successfully given Maritza a website based on Responsive Web Design (RWD) which has a device-independent UI (user interface) design philosophy, and delivers an optimized website experience on devices with different widths and different resolutions: PC, notebook, tablet, smart phone, etc. Utilizing LAMP I have also created a site which allows for easy updates, and uses a SEO system that works directly with Google, Yahoo and Bing for better SEO results. The site uses SEO best practices, and the HTML is written with the sites good ranking on search engines in mind. The site has good use of h1,h2,h3 tags. The primary contents are above the secondary contents in markup, and there is very good internal site linking.

The completed web-site is available at

“Rick took over the design of my website back in 2010 and since then I have watched my business soar to new heights as I’ve been able to reach a wider group of prospective clients. With knowledge of all the latest software and technology, Rick continually prompts me to stay ahead of my competition by adding neat bells and whistles to my “cyber home”. With his patience and ability to speak “computer for dummies” with me, Rick’s customer service is A+.”
Maritza Etienne
Sanity Salon & Spa
Got Roots Salon

Project Timeline

Maritza is a long term client, for whom I have been designing web-sites dating back to 2010. This most recent project was started and completed in August 2014.