Advertising Campaign Development

Advertising Campaign Development

Once your brand or service is customer ready, your road to growth requires increasing consumer awareness, bringing in new customers, and educating the public on your unique brand identifier. And that’s where advertising and awareness campaigns are essential to your business plan.

Effective advertising and awareness campaigns grow your business and raise brand awareness.

What goes into developing an effective advertising or awareness campaign?

The process starts when you contact us, we then take our time to get to know you, your product or service, and your goal. We talk to you about who you perceive your clients to be, how your product improves their lives, the details of your product how it is made and everything else under the sun. Whatever this get to know you process reveals to us provides us the tools to create a plan to help you capitalize on your brand’s story. We start by following your growth strategy, and then we target your individual market segments, using psychology, consumer habits, market studies, in order to make certain we are putting your dollars to use on the most likely to need your product, service, etc. Paired with targeted media planning from our marketing team, a good campaign can transform and revolutionize a product or brand’s public awareness.

Why is developing a well planned awareness or advertising campaign the most important thing you will do?

This campaign is the foundation for your marketing spend, it will determine whether or not you bring in customers at a rate necessary to grow at a pace that matches your goal.  Your marketing efforts are also your brand’s embassador.  In most situations, it will be the introduction of your product or service, what your company stands for, and a number of other first chances at how they perceive you. Remember, you only get one first impression, so it’s critical represent your product or service in a way that, converts. Whether that conversion is a first contact, a sale or simply brand recall, we focus on building creative ideas that attract attention and imprint.

3 Easy steps to success. The process is simple!

1.) We talk to you about your business in depth

We need to understand your market. We need to get our heads around the various audience profiles you’re selling to. What gets them going, what upsets them. What problems do they have (in their lives, at work, etc. – wherever it is your product/service helps them). This helps create what’s called segmentation.

How do we do this? Through research. We arrange interviews with your key personnel, partners, and customers. Think you know why your customers buy from you? Ten will get you five that you don’t! One of the hardest things for a small business owner to accept is that customers don’t look at what you sell in the same way as you do.

Once we’ve gone through this Discovery phase, we can make recommendations on how to move forward. Where best to spend your marketing budget to generate the most effective bang for your buck.
Understanding your market through discovery and diagnosis

2.) We create a marketing plan for your organization

Market discovery and diagnosis services

From here it’s about building clear targeting, creating very tight and distinctive positioning to these audience segments.

Targeting your marketing is crucial for a small business. Even if you think your target market is “everyone” (hint: it’s not) unless you have a limitless budget you’re going to waste a sizeable percentage of your marketing spend trying to convince people who don’t want to buy from you.

If you spread yourself too thinly you’ll end up making no impact – and no money.

What’s far better is to focus on a particular audience segment (or group of segments) for all you’re worth. If the segmentation work has been done properly, selecting the most appropriate audience groups should be a no-brainer.

3.) We put all finalized planning to production

The more targeted you are, the clearer your positioning and differentiation, the easier it becomes to put together the tactical plan. Once you know who you’re targeting – what they’re looking for, how they expect to be spoken to, their shared attributes, etc. – the tactical plan almost writes itself.

It’s not specifically about content marketing, advertising, social media, and all that stuff. Such marketing tactics are important, but there are other, more important, things to think about.

The goal should be to create messaging and communication that reaches the target audience group through the most appropriate marketing channels.

It’s about the destination, not the journey.

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